I have had a pretty nice day today!!
- For breakfast I ate two big and delicious sandwiches.
- Then I cleaned the whole apartment!.
- Then I went to a vintageshop and found a Maxmara jacket!!! I absolutely love it. The jacket is long and the fabric is so smooth and soft! Just so comfortable to have on, and perfect for the season! Actually i've been looking for this type of jacket for a long... year! And finally I found it. I also bought a beautiful ring and a black summerdress with bright flowers on.
- Around one o'clock, my mom and dog Blackie picked me up! We went out for a long long walk! it's so nice to walk in the forest, everything is so silent and fresh! My dog Blackie just brings a smile on my face, I love my dog! I love dogs!! They seem so happy.
-  Later on my man came over at mom's house and then I went out for a walk again!
- For dinner we ate some great food- My mom is damn good in the kitchen!!
- And of course we walked home from  Mom's.. It took around 1 hour!! There are around 5 kilometers.. So i've been walking all day today..  - But you know what! right now I feel so FRESH!!

This horse looks very much like a horse i once knew, I was shit scared of the horse.

Mom in dog paradise

This is true love! ( I also bought this ring today! Inspired by my friend Richard)
Back home

Out again

My Boyfriend came over! we bought some fun candy.

Akward face and my new Maxmara jacket

(Foto: Maria Lim).
DagensElevator. Maxmara jacket.
People I haven't forgot the Marc jacobs cardigan, I will post it tomorrow! Sleep tight.


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