Waiting for the train to Copenhagen, eating chicken barbeque sticks from 7Eleven

We met up with my good friend Pia and ate at this chinese restuarant..

They had the Queen on the wall.

The beer was better than the food.

We took the bus..

The hostress- Cam and Mette had a Housewarming party.

posing got intense and strange..

Jean- Michael Basquiat poster-


Holy Madonna candle..

My Boy and Nikolaj. I went to High school with Nikolaj- we have both changed so much after High School.

My man..


Nynne and Mischa.. Two blonde cuteattacks.

The man of the hour- My good friend Alexander, pimped out with a fake fur and a hat. He looked so good, that everybody needed to strike a pose.

Pia became a sheap.

The dirty floor- Nørreport station ( Copenhagen!) I hate this trainstation, everything is so dirty, the air is cruel- Nørreport st. is to small!!

the woman with the blue t-shirt, sitting behind.. Scared the shit out of me!!! When we saw her the first time she had a hoodie on, and shoes! When we walked through the ferrierterminal she had no shoes on and her hoodie was gone.. She had big scares on her big red arms, and it looked like she was in panic over something! So we thought someone was after her, so we decided to walk slowly, and like block the que.. but no one was after her! After some rationel thinking, we decided she was on drugs- behaving strange and sweating as hell.. You could really see in how horrible state of mind she was in- I think she thought someone was after her!? But I was so scared of her..
The good thing was that we meet our friend Jonas at the ferrie, apparently we went with the same train to Elsinore. It was good to see him- he's like the most positive human being i know.


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