For my part CopenhagenFashionweek was just a short visit. Im not that into fashion parties and receptions- Seeing shows are cool, but havent got the opportunity to see any.. To be honest i dont feel comfortable at all in the fashionworld. But My friend Johanna ( invited mee to join her to see some eventual collabs at Gallery! It was fun to see all the new collections and see the designers I respect and admire.
At Gallery: I saw Carin Wester, Minimarket, Peter Jensen, Camilla Stærk,
WoodWood, Acne, Norse Projekt etc...

Nice chimney

Beautiful Johanna! Whom are pregnant with Twins!! They are going to have a little family.

Minimarket shoes- I love em' all!

Two nice ladies with perfect shoes! Ann D. and Rick Owens...

Postat av: Ida

jeg VIl have et par minimarket sko til efteråret, så kan alt andet tøj og sko være (næsten) helt ligemeget!

2009-08-09 @ 21:55:46
Postat av: Maria Lim

De var også rigtige fine!

2009-08-12 @ 23:03:58

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