This is from friday. Anders brother Peter graduated from High School.
Anders, Nora and Ludvig.. Ludvig sang opera for us.

Alex and Nora from North Carolina. Peter in the back.

(Foto: Maria Lim).
Saturday we went to my cousin's birthday! The theme was the 70's and my family loved it.

Oh my god! This is my dad. His entre' to the party was memorable..

We bought him this Pink Floyd T-shirt! I love it. My dad is musical inspiration, he introduced me to my favourite music! Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Moody Blues, The Beatles , Beach Boys and Pink Floyd! My sweet mom introduced me to country and danish lullabys..

(Foto: Maria Lim).

Postat av: Amelie

Han har skaffat en mustasch! Coolt!

2009-06-15 @ 00:01:43
Postat av: Maria Lim

Amelie!!! Hans mustasch er væk nu, det var et "one time show"- desværre! hihi. Hur går det?

2009-06-15 @ 09:42:21
Postat av: Amelie

Men nej! Den var ju fräck som fan!

Jodå, livet går väl an. Det var länge sen vi sågs. Allt bra?

2009-06-22 @ 13:15:58

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