NECKFACE art show/Copenhagen/Kødbyen.

It startet with shoe shopping and then we went to chill at Kongens Have... with rose' wine, newspapers, chips and friends.

Then we all rode our bikes to the Neckface art show at Kødbyen- Thanks for the ride Sille, appreciate it!!
I hate the Cph bikes- Not comfortable..

I really adore the waterpainting pictures, im still thinking of buying one.

It would be pretty cool to have these at home.

The show was good!
.. Apparently there were some pros, the DVS crew.
Then some pretty goofy pictures. We could'nt take one good picture the whole night! Walking in on eachother, shaking the camera, wrong focus and so on.. But it was still fun.

This is my long time friend Sille aka. Sygesille- Living and breathing in Cph.
Partyanimal, beer lover, skate, she is so crazy! If you meet her at Roskilde Festival.. where she is working as a parkingguard and partying!! Please say: Sille du er så syg, at det er SYGT!!!!!! Buy her a beer og give her a hug-
She has a blog: check it out.

(Foto: Maria Lim).

Postat av: mille

tror faktisk jeg måske så hende i dag! ved parkeringen, haha, jeg gav hende en serviet til at pudse næse i. ha en go ferie!

2009-06-30 @ 20:23:58
Postat av: Sygesygesille

Nej, det kan ikke have været mig. Jeg mindes ikke at have pudset næse på Roskilde. Men ja, jeg er mega sej!

2009-07-08 @ 13:53:30

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