Pony necklace

(Foto: Johanna Åhfeldt). Yesterday I did this.


(Chloe Sevigny).


In Denmark we have a young talented designer called Silas Soulland.
His new collection ROCKS, and im' so impressed. The collection is so strong,  as I call it "hoodfresh" and cool. I really like the coats!! I selected some randoms, to show you what I mean.



(BleachBlack via. Givenchy)
I adore this backpackt !
But I guess this bag is pretty exclusive and expensive.


Things I said in the past have no meaning in the future.
What comes in the future does not reflect my past.
The word meaning have no meaning anymore.
Look at me with your bare hands.
Touch me with sound
Define me with your mind.
Finger touching.
Dancing away with my secrets.

( Poem: Maria Lim).


(Foto: Maria Lim).


(Foto: Maria Lim/ Frontgarden Karparthos).


Last day! Its going be hard saying goodbye to all the amazing kids.

(Foto: theselby)


(Foto: Natascha Ramsay/ Olivier Zahm Purple Mag. Foto 2: jak&jil).


(Foto: Oivier Zahm/ Purple diary).
Vanna Youngstein.


(Foto: Maria Lim).


Pålsjo Krog, my first time there, nice food.


Grønningen, Outdoor dancefloor.

Working out after DinDin', Haha, I look like a retard! It was fun.

Nice boat

PL13 Morrisey, on the bathroom door.

(Foto: Maria Lim).
After PL13, we went to Hamnpaviljongen and The Tivoli. I had a pretty fun night with my boyfriend and his friends!!

DinDin// Skotterup Spiseri&Enotek..

Min far inviterede på middag idag! Turen gik til Skotterup Spiseri&Enotek, hvor min fars ven er kok!
Fantastisk mad, indretningen er rigtig fin & hyggelig og alle er så søde og dygtige. . Helt klart et sted at rekommendere!! Få en smagsoplevelse udover det sædvanlige.

Efter maden gik vi ned til stranden.

(Foto: Maria Lim).


(Foto: Johanna Åhfeldt).
I look Mad as hell while modelling for GARDE-ROBE.


Such a weird picture, but this is what I had! From saturday..

(Foto: Maria Lim).


For my part CopenhagenFashionweek was just a short visit. Im not that into fashion parties and receptions- Seeing shows are cool, but havent got the opportunity to see any.. To be honest i dont feel comfortable at all in the fashionworld. But My friend Johanna ( Garde-robe.com) invited mee to join her to see some eventual collabs at Gallery! It was fun to see all the new collections and see the designers I respect and admire.
At Gallery: I saw Carin Wester, Minimarket, Peter Jensen, Camilla Stærk,
WoodWood, Acne, Norse Projekt etc...

Nice chimney

Beautiful Johanna! Whom are pregnant with Twins!! They are going to have a little family.

Minimarket shoes- I love em' all!

Two nice ladies with perfect shoes! Ann D. and Rick Owens...


(Foto: thecobrasnake) Inspiration til læberne.


I Love Cph Pride! Love was everywhere in Copenhagen saturday!

(Foto: Maria Lim).


Fredag! Til "filmpremiere" på min vens film: MISE-EN-SCENE.
Hjalp til med at caste og style! En hyggelig aften!!


(Foto: Maria Lim).

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