The local firm

(Foto: The local firm)

I really dig the local firm!
My new obsession.
Im going to buy one of their jeans tomorrow!!


( Foto: Maria Lim and shit i cant remember where i found the perfect tee! im' gonna found out and tell you guys later!)



( I dont know who made them, I found this picture a while ago.. But respect to the artist/ Good idea! )
What a hot mess.
Big cravings Boys!!??
I like em to, pretty girls!


Christopher Kane Unisex T-shirts.. Big craving!


Stella McCartney & Ryan McGinley collaboration.

Bambi world.

Such a good campaign!

Couple of days.

Jeg er syg og er det nok til tirsdag! Jeg regner med at blive rask på tirsdag.

Og jeg tænker stadig på at ligne hende i fremtiden.. eller hendes arme.


(Foto: Christian E. Lord).


(Foto: Maria Lim).
Malin and Johannes came to dinnner friday!

We ate mexican food.
And for dessert the boys made this nice chocolate thing!

(Foto: Maria Lim).
Saturday I went to Copenhagen! My friend Amalie invited us to dinner!!
For starters we ate baguettes with goatcheese and tomatoes-

After all the food and wine, we went to Drone!!


(Yourboyhood-  Koo song yee wearing jacket from Ann-Sofie Back).

This is the shit!! This leather jacket is seriously the most awesome clothing i've seen for a while- I have been looking for a different type of leatherjacket for such a long time!
Im so tired of seeing all the fake "leather" jackets made in fucking plastic.
In my town girls are wearing the same and buying their "leather" (plastic) jackets in H&M. ..lame

Karparthos// My love.

(Foto: Maria Lim).

Karparthos/Achata beach.

We rented a scooter for 3 days! We drove out to this amazing beach called: Achata. We also went snorkling, which was pretty cool! It was my first time snorkling- and i absolutely loved it!

The road to Achata was so beautiful.

(Foto: Maria Lim/ Christian E. L.)

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