Hi guys, I just got home from family dinner, my god.. I ate to much!! My dad was so glad for the gifts we gave him! We gave him some cd's, Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Last Shadow Puppets ( My new favourite band!!) and U2 the new album..
My cousin invited us to her 18 year old birthday party!! The theme is the 70's!! So cool, my boyfriend is going to wear his VietnamVeteran outfit!! And my dad are pretty stocked with the theme!! He's already planning his 70's entrance and outfit. I think I wil dress as a "hippie" or some disco girl!
Im so tired right now..
By the way, listen to : Old Man by Neil Young! God damn, I absolutely love love love that song.. the lyrics is so good. I can hear this song over and over again!!

This is a very young Neil.


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