Saturday! Out drinking beers with Malin&Johannes!!! Finally! Malin told me abut her aunt who in her young days was the cool girl in the town. Hanging with Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and so on. Being in India with them.. I was totally amazed!!!! And Malin is maybe going to meet David Lynch. Seriously.
I heard about their nice trip to California!! Then we started to talked about going to Las Vegas and get married! haha, just for fun.
Johannes are a DJ, making so good electro music, do you know OWLVISION?? thats him. Traded one of my collages with his cool T-shirt.
Malin had this incredible cool necklace on, I have been looking for that kind of necklace for a long time.. The suddenly Malin gave it to me!!!!!! So sweet!!!!! She just gave it to me cuz' she could see how much I liked it. For real?? THANK YOU.

And then MacDonalds

(Foto: Maria Lim).


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