(Foto: Maria Lim).
This is pictures from a long walk I went on with my dog Blackie a while ago. "Suddenly" this sheep just followed us. I was like, shit the sheep is out.. I couldn't see the fence! My dog ran over to the fence and started barking while being totally overexcited, the sheep stood still, and then walked away from my dog, maybe to see if Blacks would follow! And he did... At first I just watched, thinking this is pretty cool, animal communication!! Then the fucking sheep tried to get over the fence. I was so scared that the sheep would get hurt while trying to get over, so I decided to get Blacks and move on.
(The sheep was not injured during our visit).

Postat av: Razz

"shit the sheep is out"... Hvis Dino Mac stadig spillede ville jeg skrive en sang baseret på det citat med det samme!

2009-10-06 @ 11:07:26
Postat av: Maria Lim

Haha... Det ville blive et hit!! De gode gamle Dino tider!!

2009-10-06 @ 12:43:37
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